E-Filing Recording Service

Present circumstances have made the electronic processing of documents routine. It is no longer necessary to physically deliver documents to the County Recorder and then wait for days for them to be filed and returned.  Legal documents, especially conveyances, deeds and mortgages, need to be signed before a notary public.  Today, there are mobile notaries willing and able to come to your location for such purpose.  There are also electronic notaries, by virtue of which you are able to sign a document and be notarized remotely (using a live audio/video conference and provided valid identification is available as required by Nevada law).  We are able to prepare many of the documents you require.  We will then send them to you by email for you to sign them before a notary of your choosing.  Upon your return of the signed and notarized document, we can have it electronically recorded, generally within a matter of hours.