Henderson Short Term Vacation Rentals

During July 2019, Ordinance No. 3591 permitting Short Term Vacation Rentals (“STVR”) was adopted within the City of Henderson. Please note that STVR’s are also permitted within the City of Las Vegas (and subject to different regulations) and continue to remain prohibited within all unincorporated areas of Clark County.

Henderson’s initial STVR regulations went into effect October 14, 2019, and were significantly revamped as of November 18, 2020. Some frequently asked questions pertaining to Henderson’s STVR regulations are as follows:

What is a short-term vacation rental?

A permanent residential dwelling or any portion of such dwelling unit, rented for occupancy for a period of less than thirty (30) consecutive calendar days, excluding February, counting portions of calendar days as full days, and regardless of whether a permanent resident is also present during the period of occupancy.

What do I need to do in order to rent my property as a short-term vacation rental?

Please review Section 19.5.3.G of the Henderson Development Code, which outlines the standards and regulations required to operate a short-term vacation rental. In addition, an annual registration fee will be required.

How do I register my property for a short-term vacation rental?

To register a property, please ensure you have first reviewed section 19.5.3.G for the standards and regulations. There are documents you will be required to upload, therefore please ensure you have those completed prior to starting your registration. You cannot stop and re-start your registration. If you stop, everything will be lost and you will need to start the process over. If your property is located within an individually mapped multi-unit development (i.e. condominiums), the number of units permitted to register is either 1 or 25 percent of the number of units within the building, whichever is greater.

How much does it cost to register my property as a short-term vacation rental?

The registration fee is $820.00, which is due annually from the date of registration issuance.

Can the property be owned and registered by an LLC?

Yes, if the property owner of record is an entity, proof of entity action authorizing the registration by a manager or member of the entity is required. Please see section 19.5.3.G.3(b) for more information. The member or manager registering for the property needs to be the person responsible for taking the class.

If the property is held in a trust, can I register the property?

Yes, if the property owner of record is a trust, presentation of a copy of the certification of trust authorizing the registration by a trustee designated by the trust will be required. Please see section 19.5.3.G.3(b) for more information. The trustee registering for the property needs to be responsible for taking the class.

Do I need a business license to operate a STVR?

No. The City of Henderson does not require a business license to operate a STVR.

Once I submit my registration, how long will it take to get a decision?

It may take up to two weeks for staff to make a decision. Staff may request additional information for the registration prior to making a final decision.

How many occupants are permitted on my property?

What if an HOA or CC&Rs prohibit short-term vacation rentals?

It is important to note that the City’s STVR ordinance does not alter the ability of common interest communities to prohibit short-term vacation rentals through their CC&Rs or other governing documents and to enforce those prohibitions within their community. The ordinance require’s applicants for a city registration to certify in writing that operation of a short-term vacation rental does not violate any CC&Rs, bylaws, or other agreements governing the use of their property. In the event that a dispute arises between a homeowner and his/her HOA regarding whether a short-term vacation rental is permitted, if the HOA obtains a judicial order confirming the prohibition, then the City will not allow a homeowner in that community to register. If a property that has been registered is later determined to be in violation of any judicial order regarding short-term vacation rental prohibition, then the registration will be revoked by the City of Henderson. The City does not enforce CC&Rs or HOA regulations.

Is a short-term vacation rental registration transferrable?

No. The registration is valid only for the vested property owner at time of issuance. If the property is sold or vested title changed for any reason, the registration is terminated. Please review section 19.5.3.G.2.j for more information.

Does a short-term vacation rental registration apply to multiple properties?

No. A short-term vacation rental registration is valid only for one residential property.

Is there a minimum rental period for a booking?

Yes. A two-night minimum booking is required.

Is the City creating a waiting list for a unit located within individually mapped multi-unit structures prior to registration?

No. The City is not creating a waiting list. Those properties located within an individually mapped multi-unit structure (townhouse, condominium, single-family attached, etc.) may register on a first come, first served basis. Once the maximum number of registered units within a specific building is reached, no further registrations will be accepted or issued. Short-term vacation rentals are prohibited in apartment units.

Am I required to pay transient-lodging tax?

Yes. Each short-term vacation rental registered with the City of Henderson will be required to pay transient lodging tax on a monthly basis as required pursuant to Title 4.48 of the Henderson Municipal Code. The registrant is responsible for filing its monthly remittance, even if no taxes were collected for the month.

Who may I contact about Transient Lodging Tax?

You may contact Business License – Finance Division regarding transient lodging tax.

How do I obtain my short-term vacation rental certification?

Certification must be obtained through a City of Henderson approved Short-Term Vacation Rental Certification class.

Certification is required for the property owner of record and for the registered local contact person. If your registered local contact is a property manager licensed under NRS 645, certification will not be required, however a copy of the state license will be required at time of registration.

Where do I get addresses to send out my local contact information to properties within a 200-foot radius once approved?

City staff will provide you the mailing list which, can be formatted into labels, after the City has approved the property’s registration.

My STVR is within a larger condominium complex with public areas shared by all condo owners. Do I still need to provide exterior noise monitoring devices for these public areas shared by other owners?  No, the noise level monitoring is required only within the rental unit.

Am I responsible for printing the “Good Neighbor Brochure” or will the City print them for me?

The property owner is responsible for printing and providing the brochure. The brochure can be downloaded from the City’s Short-Term Vacation Rental webpage.

I was notified that my property received a complaint to the City’s Short-Term Vacation Rental Hotline. What do I need to do?

You are required to contact the STVR occupants within 30 minutes and the complaint is required to be resolved within 30 minutes after the contact has been made (a total of 1 hour from contact to resolution). Once you have resolved the complaint, you need to provide the City a STVR Complaint Response Report and send the completed report and any evidence in support thereof to stvrenforcement@cityofhenderson.com. As required by the ordinance, the report is required to be submitted within 48 hours from the STVR complaint notification.

If my application is denied, will I receive a refund?

If an application is denied, all of the fee, minus any processing fees, will be refunded.

How can I look to see if a house is a registered short-term vacation rental?

All registered short-term vacation rentals have been mapped. The link to the map may be found on the City’s Short-Term Vacation Rental webpage.

How can I verify whether a property is within 1,000 feet of an approved STVR?

All registered short-term vacation rentals have been mapped to include the required 1,000-foot buffer. The link to the map can be found on the City’s Short-Term Vacation Rental webpage.

How early can I renew my registration?

You should be sent an email 30 days prior to the expiration date. Once you receive the email, you are able to renew the registration.

How do I renew my registration?

You will visit the City’s Short-term Vacation Rental webpage and click on the “Renew Registration Short-Term Vacation Rental” button. You will then follow the online instructions. You will be required to upload current information. Please use the most up to date forms found on the STVR webpage.

What happens if I fail to renew my registration?

If the registration is not renewed by the expiration date, the registration is deemed expired, and will be subject to any regulations prevailing at the time of a new registration.

I have an existing STVR. Am I subject to all the new standards approved by the City Council on 11/17/2020?

Yes. You are subject to all the newly adopted standards, except for the 1,000 feet distance separation requirement.