Importance of Writing a Business Plan

Once you decide that you want to pursue a particular business idea, writing a business plan should be your first step. This document will provide you a framework through which you can determine if your business will be viable and successful.

You need a business plan if…

… You want to start a business with the best chances for success.

… You want to accurately determine if your business idea will be able to be profitable.

… You want to know how much money you’ll need from investors to cover start-up costs.

… You want to hit the ground running with a well thought out marketing strategy already drafted and researched.

Perhaps the most important reason for a business plan is because you’ll never be able to land investors without it. Potential investors want to see that their money will not be squandered frivolously. They want to know that the money they invest in your business will be put to good use and ultimately earn a decent return on investment. The business plan demonstrates for potential investors whether a business will likely succeed before any money ever changes hands.

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