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NRS 39.010 Partition

Actions for partition of real property; partial partition.  When several persons hold and are in possession of real property as joint tenants or as tenants in common, in which one or more of them have an estate of inheritance, or for life or lives, or for years, an action may be brought by one or more of such persons for a partial partition thereof according to the respective rights of the persons interested therein, and for a sale of such property or a part of it, if a partition cannot be made without great prejudice to the owners or if the owners consent to a sale.  Whenever from any cause it is, in the opinion of the court, impracticable or highly inconvenient to make a complete partition, in the first instance, among all the parties in interest, the court may first ascertain and determine the shares or interest respectively held by the original cotenants, and thereupon cause a partition to be made, as if the original cotenants were the only parties to the action and thereafter may proceed to adjudge and make partition separately of each share or portion so ascertained and allotted as between those claiming under the original tenant to whom the property has been set apart, or may allow them to remain tenants in common thereof, as they may desire.

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