Property Law

Property law may be broadly classified as the areas of law dealing with either personal or real property. Real property generally consists of land, whether vacant or developed either commercially or as a residence. At Simon Law, LLC we deal in all aspects of real property law.

The scope of real property law is far-reaching and includes, to name but a few areas, the following topics:

  1. Buying, selling or the leasing of land or a structure located upon land;
  2. All aspects of financing for a purchase or sale, including mortgage, escrow and title assistance;
  3. Representation of real estate licensees, buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants, should transactional problems arise;
  4. Construction related issues including: negotiating and monitoring the performance of a building contract; voucher control and bond issues; permits and licensing; contractor or supplier nonpayment and mechanic’s lien matters;
  5. Eviction and unlawful detainer actions, where a lease has been breached for nonpayment of rent or for another reason;
  6. Specific performance litigation to enforce contractual obligations. For example, this remedy may be utilized to compel a seller to sell (or conversely a buyer to buy) if they have wrongfully reneged upon their contract;
  7. Title resolution matters such as: quiet title (to get a court to remove a wrongful lien or “cloud” placed against your title); Partition – to get a court to resolve disputes between co-owners of property who might not agree as to the use of the property;
  8. Obviously, in today’s economy we are forced with the problems created by foreclosure, possible workouts or modifications, short sales and the concern about a deficiency judgment should you lose your property at foreclosure sale and the property be sold for less than you owe.

Real property law almost certainly touches each of our lives in some manner, be it as a homeowner, business owner, investor, tenant and so on. Often times the problems presented may be complex. Let our office assist you through the maze to the best resolution possible.

Additional property law topics include: