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Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate involves all aspects of real property that is either lived in or otherwise occupied as a home. Residential property includes private homes, condominiums, timeshare interests, apartments, mobile homes and mobile home parks. There are also countless laws and statutes to regulate the manner in which a homeowner may use their property.

An example would be a private home located on land regulated by a homeowners association (HOA). Whether you own the home or rent it, there may be covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&R’s) with which you must comply or face violation notices, fines and possibly even the loss of your home to an HOA foreclosure sale. As a tenant of a residence, there are statutes regulating the lease rights between a landlord and tenant. Failure to comply with such statutes may also result in fines and/or assessments of attorneys fees and court costs should you proceed incorrectly.

The rules of law and statutes applicable to real property in general will, of course, be relevant. However, our judicial system recognizes the sanctity of rights and privileges associated with ones home, whether owned or rented. Let us review your situation and advise you of any rights and remedies that may be available to your specific situation.

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