Short Term Rentals (“Airbnb”, “Owner Direct”, “Home Away” and others)

Short term rentals (typically residential rentals of 30 days or less) are here to stay. Some questions raised by them are: Are they legal for your specific property? Might such rentals be in violation of homeowner association recorded restrictions or other rules?

Our office can assist relative to:

  1. Determining whether state or local regulations affect your ability to use your property as a short term rental;
  2. Clarifying whether there are any HOA rules or other restrictions affecting a short term rental of your property;
  3. Preparing, revising or reviewing (for the Landlord or the Tenant) short term rental agreements to ensure compliance with Nevada’s landlord-tenant laws; and
  4. Addressing the manner in which nearby properties and/or HOA’s may protect against problems often created by short term rentals, including fines, local code enforcement and related remedies.