Real Estate Attorney

So what exactly does a real estate attorney do? When you are buying or selling your home, you have to deal with a few professionals. You’ll have your real estate agent, a mortgage lender and the people you are doing this transaction with. You don’t typically think you’ll need a real estate attorney, but it is very helpful if you do. Buying or selling a home can be risky. You want to make sure all the finances are in order and all the paperwork is good. The only way you can be a hundred percent sure of this is with a lawyer’s help.

For starters, a real estate lawyer can draft your legal documents. It is imperative that a lawyer is handling this part of the process. If you are handling this on your own, you may not have all the necessary documents. A lawyer will gather together every important document and read through them for you. All you will have to do is sign on the dotted line. Not only does having a real estate attorney ensure that everything is legal, but the process is easier and quicker.

A real estate attorney can also handle the negotiations. You don’t have time to handle all the negotiating in your deal. As a seller, you will be too busy packing up your house and looking for another one to worry about the negotiations. As a buyer, you will be too busy getting everything in line with the mortgage lender. A real estate attorney will help negotiate the terms of the transaction with not only the other party involved, but also with financial institutions or developers of the property. As a person selling or buying a home, you may not even realize that you can negotiate with people besides the other party.

As a buyer, legally you are not buying the property itself, but you are buying the title to the property. Most people wouldn’t understand the title if they read it. A real estate attorney can research and evaluate the title of your new home to ensure everything looks good. You’ll need your lawyer to make sure that the title doesn’t have any defects that could affect the owner later down the line.

Your real estate transaction could appear to have gone smoothly, but months down the line something could have gotten messed up and now you are dealing with trouble. A real estate attorney will review the transaction carefully to confirm that everything will remain good after the transaction closes. An attorney will search for any potential pitfalls or tax issues that could go wrong in the transaction.

If anything does go wrong in the transaction, it is good to have a lawyer on your side that knows the details of the transaction and the property. If it gets taken to court for any reason, a lawyer can protect you.

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