Real Estate Transactions

Participating in and successfully completing real estate transactions can become complicated. Having found the perfect home or office space, you may feel the need to get started right away. However, before you can even think about moving, specific things need to be addressed.

Who is Involved?

In a typical Las Vegas real estate transaction, multiple people are involved. The transaction will typically include a buyer, seller, real estate brokers, a lender, an escrow and title company, and a Las Vegas real estate attorney. All parties play a crucial role in the transaction.

Steps to Take

One of the first things that need to occur in a real estate transaction is that the buyer and seller agree upon a price for the property. This agreement should be in writing, and all relevant contract documents should be reviewed by an attorney.

Next, an escrow account will likely be opened. The title to the property will need to be reviewed, and there should be inspections as to the condition of the property. Financial applications may also need to be made to the lenders, if needed, to complete the deal.

Completing the Process

Real estate transactions are complicated. It is beneficial to have an attorney who will be able to walk you through the different steps of the transaction, as well as answer any questions you may have about the legal documents.

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