Residential Leases

In Las Vegas, a lot of people rent. Whether you are renting a house, a condominium or an apartment, you should have a residential lease agreement documenting the terms and conditions of your property rental. In fact, Nevada law requires it.


Keep in mind that, at a bare minimum, a residential lease should clearly address the following issues: (1) when the lease begins and ends; (2) when a landlord may enter the property; (3) when the rent is due; (4) who will maintain specific aspects of the property; (5) whether or not and what types of pets may be allowed; (6) what security deposit is required and what amounts may or may not be deducted from it at the end of the lease; and (7) if subletting is to be allowed and under what conditions.


At Marc Simon Law, we can go over your lease with you before you sign, make sure that you have the protections you need, and that you understand your rights and obligations under the agreement.


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