Residential Loan Transactions

You have located that special home or business property that you wish to purchase. Conversely, the market is right and you now want to sell, hopefully make a profit and move on to something else. How does this all take place? Typically, the transaction involves a buyer, seller, one or more real estate brokers, a lender, an escrow and title company and should always include an attorney.

The first thing to occur is for seller and buyer to reach an agreement as to price and all other important terms. This agreement should always be in writing and reviewed by legal counsel to ensure that the deal you think you are making is what the document actually states.

Escrow is subsequently opened, the condition of title is examined, inspections of the property (including possible appraisals) are conducted and financing applications are made to lenders. This process involves the coordination of many people, the preparation of mountains of escrow, loan, title and inspection documents,and usually occurs within a relatively short period of time.

Marc Simon has in excess of 35 years experience walking clients through this complex process – from initial offer and acceptance through closing and recordation. You will be fully informed and understand all steps taken along the way, and be able to complete your transactions without unnecessary problems or delays.