Need to Sue Your Landlord?

As a tenant, there is a chance that you may need to take your landlord to court. Depending upon the nature and dollar amount of your claim, you may be able to address the issue without a lawyer in small claims court.

Why Small Claims?

The best types of disputes to take to small claims court are those involving money. Small claims courts may be perfect for handling issues regarding rent and improperly managed security deposits.

Bear in mind that there are monetary limits for disputes that can be handled in small claims court. These limits are determined by state law, thus you should counsel with a real estate lawyer Las Vegas trusts before you take such action.

There are cases that you don’t want to pursue in small claims court. If your dispute requires a resolution that involves more than just the payment of money, you may want to consider pursuing your case in a more traditional court system under the guidance of an experienced real estate lawyer. That is because regular trial courts are able to ensure that the ruling of the judge is enforced. Small claims courts leave enforcement of their ruling to you.

File & Win Your Dispute

If you decide that small claims court is the right choice, you will need to pay the court filing fee, file your lawsuit with the court clerk, and serve your landlord with the papers. To avoid a potentially messy confrontation, many people choose to serve court papers via mail. You’ll then go to court on an assigned date, tell your side of the story and await the judge’s ruling.

For the best chance of winning your dispute, be sure that you are prepared with the evidence to support your claim. Have a collection of pictures, written statements and other tangible documents that prove your position.

The best way to go about assembling your case is to seek the counsel of a real estate attorney in Las Vegas that is committed to your interests as a tenant. He or she will be able to advise you of the best course of action in any real estate related legal proceeding.

To do this, schedule a consultation with an attorney from Marc Simon Law. You can be sure that your interests will be protected with these real estate experts. For more information about this real estate attorney Las Vegas residents trust most, contact 702.451.7077 or