Tips for Writing a Great Business Plan

Putting together a well written business plan is the one thing that will get your business noticed over others, especially if you need investors. Your business plan is also the framework you’ll follow to create success. It describes analysis of the financial data necessary to prove that your business can and will be profitable.

Your business plan should be able to…

… Attract investors. This is done by designing your business plan to persuade those who may be skeptical of your potential success. This objective may be achieved as long as your business plan has the following components:

  • a persuasive introduction that specifically identifies a need for funding
  • a mission statement describing the purpose and objectives of your business
  • a detailed description of how your business will actually work (including, but not limited to, your product/service type, whether or not you’ll have employees, and how distribution of goods will be handled)
  • a description of your marketing strategy

… Forecast the finances of your business. This can be achieved as long as your business plan includes the following:

  • a profit and loss forecast
  • a break-even analysis
  • a cash flow projection
  • a start-up cost estimate

At the end of the day, you want your business plan to be sufficiently detailed and accurate to convince investors (or yourself) that you own a viable business idea. To give your business it’s best chance for success, contact an experienced business lawyer in Las Vegas at 702.451.7077 today.