Adding or removing an owners name from title


We receive countless requests to: change the way title is held; add or remove someone from title; create joint tenancies for estate planning purposes; move title into a corporation or limited liability company (especially for rental properties) to create greater protection from personal liability concerns, and the like.

This is a simple matter to handle and can be completed within a matter of days. Should this be something you have considered doing, please give us a call to discuss how it may be easily accomplished.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you acquired your property, you likely received a title insurance policy from your seller. Such would have been issued by the title division of the escrow that may have handled the purchase. Please be advised that a change in the vesting of the property may affect your title policy. If this is a concern to you (and for most who have held property for some time it generally is not), you may be able to either purchase replacement title coverage or possibly procure a less expensive endorsement to your existing policy. The important point here is that this office is not a title insurer and will not be undertaking any measures to ensure that the title policy you may now have remains in full force and effect. Again, for most who have held their title for quite a while, title insurance is typically no longer a concern.