Business Formation

It used to be that businesses were owned by a single person, referred to as a sole proprietor. If two or more persons were involved, it was generally considered a partnership. Then the issue of liability began to concern the sole proprietor and the partners in a general partnership, each of whom was personally liable should something go wrong.

Businesses wanted to preserve the internal flexibility they had always had known, but also wanted protection from unlimited personal exposure. Along came the creation of limited partnerships, followed by corporations and, most recently, limited liability companies (including the “series” version of such entity).

These modern day entities afford both the flexibility and desired protection from liability – provided they lawfully are organized and properly operated. These fictitious business entities are extensively regulated by various statutes in Nevada and compliance with such laws is mandatory.

Let us assist you in the proper formation and organization of your chosen entity. We can also provide guidance relative to the internal operation of your business as well as transactions the business is considering. The objective will always be to reach agreement between all parties involved, operate the business entity to obtain the benefits intended by its use and hopefully avoid future and expensive litigation.

We can also assist you in qualifying your foreign (Non-Nevada) business entity to lawfully operate in Nevada and provide registered agent services for such entities.

Mr. Simon is also a Managing Member of a mortgage broker firm currently licensed in Nevada, California, Washington and Oregon. Accordingly, he may be able to assist in procuring financing for your real estate projects.

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