Our Practice Areas

When you engage Simon Law, LLC you work with a veteran real estate lawyer who knows the intricate details of Nevada law.  We handle a wide array of general and real estate and transactional matters. We will walk you through each step of your dispute, keeping you informed of any laws or statutes that may affect your case.  We service Las Vegas residents in the following practice areas.

Real Estate and Transactions

Real estate matters may involve costly legal proceedings that can take months, if not years, to resolve without the assistance of a knowledgeable lawyer. The intricate makeup of real estate transactions provides many opportunities for issues to arise.

  • Commercial real estate
  • Commercial leasing
  • Landlord/tenant law
  • Residential leasing
  • Disputes with or between real estate licensees
  • Representation at arbitration between licensees

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Arbitration and Mediation

Arbitration and mediation are methods of dispute resolution often preferred to traditional litigation as they are less expensive and time consuming. With arbitration and mediation, private matters stay that way. In Las Vegas, dispute discussions occur before a decision-maker instead of a public court of law.

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Due to the present national economic crisis, Nevada has the highest foreclosure rate in the United States, followed by neighboring states California and Arizona. While state laws and regulations exist to govern proceedings and protect the borrower from misinformation.

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Mechanics Lien Laws and Litigation

Mechanics lien laws protect the rights of anyone who contributes materials or labor to a construction project and ensures they are paid for their contribution. These laws form a structured procedure for handling payment disputes and provide an alternative to suing the contract holder for.

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Real Estate Disclosure Laws

Real estate disclosure laws protect a potential property buyer from deceitful sellers. These laws legally require the seller of a property to inform the purchaser of serious defects before any transactions are completed. Defects include issues such as poor plumbing

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Partition is the remedy when more than one person is on a property’s title and there is a disagreement as to the sale or use of the property. If the property can be physically divided, the court will do so, and if not it will be ordered sold with net proceeds divided among the owners.

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Quiet Title Actions

Quiet Title actions which are sometimes called a, “suit to remove a cloud against or clear title”, establish ownership of real property when there are multiple claims of full or partial entitlement. A completed action removes questions of ownership ambiguity

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Deficiency Judgements

Deficiency judgments can be filed by a mortgage owner (the lender) if a foreclosure sale does not produce the amount of money a mortgagor (borrower) owes to pay their debt. Nevada deficiency judgments consider fair-value appraisals of the property when determining the amount owed.

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