Buying or Selling Real Property

Generally, the purchase or sale of real property, whether commercial or residential, will be one of the most complex, and quite often, one of the most expensive business dealings with which you may be involved. A buyer will definitely want to get what they believe they are buying, and be obligated to pay for only what they understand to be their purchase related obligations. Conversely, a seller will want to make all required disclosures, be relieved of all further obligations for the property, and of course be paid the price expected.

Each side of these transactions may result in your involvement with brokers, escrows, lenders, owners associations and sometimes regulatory agencies. There are also often countless documents to review, with only a handful having any real long term significance.

We have more than 60 years of combined experience in dealing with buyers, sellers, escrows, title companies, lenders, mortgage and real estate brokers and others involved in this often complex process.

Let us assist you in accomplishing your purchase and sale objective.