More Homebuyers Using Internet to Find Houses

Many years ago, it wasn’t as easy as it is today for home buyers to see new property listings. They had to either go through a real estate agent or just drive through neighborhoods looking for signs. Nowadays, buyers can search for home listings on a variety of websites, including Zillow and Trulia. These websites provide information about homes for sale or for rent, pictures of the home, the price, information about the neighborhood and how long the property has been listed for sale.

Internet Game Changer

The Internet has drastically changed buying and selling real estate. Agents now have to be effective online marketers in order to be able to access online resources. The term “curb appeal” used to mean how the house looked from the street. Today it refers to how the house appears in photos and virtual tours. Social media has thus played a huge role in getting property information to prospective buyers.

Amy Webb of Nest Realty stated: “Most people today start their home search online, and those numbers are growing yearly. It’s the number one place to go for anyone who is even remotely thinking about searching for a home.”

The Internet isn’t only being used to locate a home. Buyers are able to find information about the neighborhood, schools, parks and even job opportunities near their potential homes. Buyers can also compare multiple neighborhoods, and even view at satellite pictures of the area.

Smarter Consumers

Consumers are much more educated about the home buying process. Today’s consumer will have sufficient knowledge of the area in which they are looking and be prepared to ask questions. They will also already have a list of houses they want to see and ones they have ruled out. Unfortunately, not all the information online is completely accurate. It is therefore important for buyers and sellers to get the help of an agent to keep them properly informed. Many statistics online are based upon averages and therefore don’t take minor details into consideration. For example, Sellers may run into problems when they try to research the value of their home, as online figures could omit critical details and result in an inflated price.

Todd McGee of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate III recommends using and These sites tend to be the most accurate and up to date. However, not all data will be listed for every transaction. This is where real estate agents are helpful. They have knowledge of an area and can tell you the true condition of a home. They will also know details about the price that an online site may not have listed.

Agents are also using the Internet to provide current information to potential customers. A website needs to be user friendly, with multiple ways to search for properties. Karen Kehoe, with RE/MAX Regency, stated, “I can’t imagine not having a website.”

Years ago, it was common to advertise home listings in printed brochures. Prices were intentionally deleted, forcing potential buyers to call. Nowadays, if the price is not listed online, buyers are likely to call another agent for help.

It is important that an agent have an effective online presence. There have been occasions where buyers have purchased homes solely based upon online resources. Having photos and virtual tours will increase the amount of potential buyers.

If you are buying a new home, it is important that you have a residential real estate attorney assist you during the transaction. This will ensure that the deal you think you are making is actually what the document states. Marc Simon has over 30 years of experience and is dedicated to his clients. For more information about lawyers in Las Vegas, contact 702.451.7077 or