Understanding Tenant Rights to Representation

When it comes to landlord-tenant laws, landlords are not the only ones who should have a real estate attorney in Las Vegas on their side. While many of the problems tenants face can be solved by just reading the lease agreement, there are situations in which it is wise to have legal representation.

You should hire a real estate lawyer if:

  1. You’re being evicted, and you want to fight it. You’ll want a lawyer on your side who is familiar with Nevada landlord-tenant laws to be sure that you have a real chance at winning your case.
  2. You’re being evicted the wrong way. Landlords are supposed to follow a relatively strict set of court procedures in order to evict a tenant from their home. If your landlord is just locking you out, shutting off your utilities or following other extreme measures, you need a lawyer. It is absolutely illegal for a landlord to take your things or threaten you even if they may have the right to evict you.
  3. You’re being discriminated against. If this is the case, hire a lawyer and consider filing a complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Be sure that you really have grounds for a discrimination claim before you start this messy and lengthy process.
  4. You need repairs that aren’t getting done. You have the right to live in property that is habitable. That means having running water and heating that operates in the winter. Make sure your repairs are handled in a timely manner by hiring a real estate lawyer in Las Vegas to help you. This assistance can also be beneficial if you wish to properly withhold your rent until the repairs are made.
  5. You’ve been hurt in your unit. Of course, this only applies if the injury occurred because your landlord was negligent. Hire a lawyer to help determine negligence to see if you have grounds to take this issue to the next level.

Available Options

If you feel that you need a real estate attorney in Vegas to protect your interests as a tenant, you have options:

First, you can hire a lawyer as a coach. This is the best option for people who don’t really have the budget for extensive legal guidance. So, look for a lawyer who will consider meeting with you every so often to provide counseling and guidance to handle the situation at hand armed with correct information.

Another option is for you to see if there is a clause in your rental agreement that mentions attorney fees. If the clause is there, you may be able to have your attorney fees reimbursed once you win your case. This clause may make it easier for you to find an attorney to represent you.

At the end of the day, the only way to know for certain if you need an attorney is to contact one and ask questions. A safe bet is to reach out to the attorneys at Marc Simon Law. Because these professionals have over 30 years of experience, you can feel confident that you have a knowledgeable attorney on your side. For more information about this Vegas real estate attorney, contact 702.451.7077 or info@marcsimonlaw.com.