Understanding Buyer Goals in a Purchase Agreement

As a real estate investor, you know that your primary goal for entering into a purchase agreement is to sell a property. When buyers come to the negotiating table, they have many different things in mind. Understand what your buyers are thinking with this helpful guide on four buyer objectives from the real estate attorney Las Vegas home buyers trust.

Objective #1: Buyers want to close.

Many investors seem for forget that their buyers are only putting in an offer because they genuinely want to acquire the property. Buyers want to close, otherwise they would never bother making an offer in the first place.

You can protect both yourself and your buyers by making sure that any submitted offers are supported with a pre-approval letter from a reputable mortgage lender. This way, you will know that any buyers not paying all-cash are good for the numbers that are brought to the table.

Objective #2: Buyers want to know they aren’t getting scammed.

When your buyers approach a purchase agreement, understand that this is a lifetime commitment for many of them. Buying a home is an investment for which many homebuyers will spend the next twenty years or more paying off. Naturally, buyers want to make sure that the home they are trying to purchase is structurally sound and not riddled with issues.

To protect yourself and your buyers, make sure that any real estate contracts include the proper clauses for home inspections in your state. This will help you avoid legal battles over issues with the foundation, damage from pests, and problems with the roof, electric or plumbing. Have the trustworthy real estate lawyer Las Vegas investors rely upon help you with this.

Objective #3: Buyers want the lowest price.

In addition to getting a good quality home, buyers want to make sure they are getting that home for the best possible price. Not many buyers will be interested in buying a property “as-is.” More often than not, a buyer will try to negotiate down the price of a property based on its condition. While you can manage this yourself, it may be a better idea to have the best real estate lawyer Las Vegas offers make sure your interests are not forgotten in the negotiation process.

Objective #4: Buyers want to make sure they won’t be stuck.

Because buying a home is no small feat for many people, buyers what to make sure that they have a way out written into the contract. For most buyers, that means they want to be sure that they can abandon the contract without losing deposited money or facing damages for not closing.

These escapes may include major structural issues with the property, a poor quality title and even a requirement for flood insurance. Protect yourself and your money by having an attorney look over all contracts before you head to the negotiating table.

To do this, schedule a consultation with the Marc Simon attorneys right away. You can be sure that your interests and investments will be protected with these real estate experts. For more information about this real estate attorney Las Vegas trusts, contact 702.451.7077 or info@marcsimonlaw.com.