Commercial Leases

Nevada is a city full of businesses. Wherever you happen to be in the city, you are within minutes of a retail center or business park of some sort. Whatever type of business you may be a part of, there is a place in Las Vegas for it. However, once you find the perfect location, you will more than likely need to negotiate a lease. Bear in mind that the majority of consumer protection laws do not apply to commercial lease agreements. It is therefore important that your lease be designed to protect your interests.


At Marc Simon Law, we are able to: draft commercial leasing documents for you, review proposed documents that you may have received and advise you with respect to them; as well as negotiate leases for you and/or advise you as to your rights and obligations under a current lease. Keep in mind that, at a bare minimum, a commercial lease should include clear and unambiguous starting and ending dates, when the rent is due, if the lease is renewable, and who is responsible for specific types of property maintenance.


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